Searching Pi is a boutique data and AI consultancy.

With our clients, we relentlessly search the rapidly expanding data and AI landscape for ways to grow, monitor and improve their business.

We want to adopt new technologies and ways of working, like we would absorb the never-ending digits of the number π.

Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with (image generation) AI.

Meet the team

Some of us have built data platforms, others entire consultancy practices. Collectively we have worked with 50+ customers in 10+ different industries, spearheading customer growth with data, technology and academic rigour.

Dieter Devlaminck

data engineer

Using his computer science and machine learning expertise, Dieter likes to build solutions to better handle and analyse data.

Over his career he has been creating, maintaining, and growing data platforms and algorithms.

When not wrangling data, Dieter likes to enhance his physical abilities to better climb during the next expedition.

Kristof Pelckmans


With his economic and engineering background, Kristof helped to define, set up and manage 20+ data use cases and platforms in the last 22 years.

When not building new solutions, Kristof loves to tinker with electronics, automate his house, ride his recumbent bike or watch a movie with his wife and 2 children.

David Martens


As professor, David has co-authored 150+ publications about business applications of machine learning and the explainability of AI. He has consulted with clients on fraud and risk models, lately focusing on responsible AI.

Philip Lahey


Fascinated about innovation, new societal & technology trends, Philip has been entrepreneur and investor helping with strategy development, innovation, commercial excellence and digital transformation. He is passionate about growing organizations’ talent and culture.

Philip enjoys playing music, sports and travelling or spending time with my family and 3 children.

Wim Moons


As entrepreneur and investor, Wim has spurred digital transformation and helped to get better data and insights in customer excellence, sales force effectiveness and demand forecasting.

When he is not working, you can find Wim on a tennis court, a boat or a bike.