Data analyst

Who you will work with

You will join us in Antwerp to work one or more days per week from our office and directly with our clients.

As Data Analyst, you will help our clients with unraveling their data to grow, monitor and improve their business. Alongside your colleagues at Searching Pi, you will work with business experts at our clients, data engineers and data scientists.

What you will do

You will work alone or in a team to identify, and implement data solutions for a client’s problem or challenge. You will help clients make tangible improvements and realise their growth, monitoring or improvement objectives.

As a data analyst, you will work with clients to understand their problem our challenge. When you understand what needs to be done, you formulate hypotheses, data solutions or even strategies and present them to clients.

Once a direction is selected, you talk to different parties to identify relevant data sources and logic. When needed, you can work with a data architect to create a technical design or with data engineers to get relevant data.

Finally, you analyse the data, test hypotheses, produce visualisations, formulate recommendations and present results to customers. If needed, you train the client to work with the solution.

When working in a team, you can step in as scrum master to organise work or even act as product owner to prioritize a backlog of data ideas.

About you

We are looking for an analyst with a strong interest in data. You have at least 2 years experience in a professional setting and have worked in a team to solve problems with data.

Our clients use different data platforms and technologies. You know how to retrieve data using SQL and create effective visualisations. If you have experience doing so using a cloud platform, that is a bonus.

As π counts many numbers, you share our passion to search for and learn better technologies and more effective ways of working.

You must be a good writer and presenter. We often summarise and present to clients. As part of a team, you should be comfortable to lead and present.

Curious, kind and independent individuals thrive at Searching Pi. Individuals who can liaise with a client’s problems and define their own way to get to a solution. Who can work independently.

What you can expect

Searching Pi is a boutique data consultancy, young, but based on the 20+ years experience of our founders who have launched management, technology and data consultancy practices. Over the last 20 years, we have worked with 50 customers in 10 different industries and we are eager to continue to do so.

As part of a growing team, you will have an opportunity to define your own expertise or quench your managerial ambitions. If you just want to solve challenges, that is also fine.

You can expect a mindful onboarding with time to get acquainted and get productive. You can expect a personal coach that will help achieve your professional ambitions.

As the data and AI space is evolving so rapidly, you can expect to get the time to learn from likeminded individuals, some who even teach at university.

We value exceptional work and we are committed, conscientious workers.

How to apply

Send us an e-mail at or reach out on LinkedIn. Do not forget to attach a recent curriculum and introduce yourself.